Picture Books Come Alive

Full-day workshop on practical and fun ways to spark your child’s interest in books 

Workshop by Hils Learning for parents and teachers

Ever wished you could get your child’s nose out of their device and hooked on a book instead? This workshop gives you tools to enable you to make picture books come alive and use them not only to spark your child’s interest in books but also to work on a slew of other key skills. Picture books are an exciting and valuable resource for supporting learning for children of all ages. At this workshop, participants will be given a variety of experiences to enable them to creatively utilise picture books to their full potential. 

When: 10am – 5pm (with one hour lunch break), Saturday 14th June 2014


Hils Learning,
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Solaris Mont’Kiara
Kuala Lumpur 50480
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Course Outline


Learning Objective(s)


  • How picture books, which are often assumed to be for young children only, serve as an invaluable resource for enabling learning for children of all ages

Expanding vocabulary

Children need a variety of opportunities to learn new words because vocabulary is necessary for:

  • Fluent communication
  • Taking the fear out of writing
  • Building confidence for reading

Developing Sequence

An essential tool for developing memory, order and logic to:

  • Understand cause and effect
  • Make decisions effectively
  • Correctly order the letters in a word for spelling
  • Count
  • Sound out words in correct order for reading
  • Comprehend text, passages, stories
  • Organize the sequence of their own stories
  • Understand the concepts of “before” and “after”


Predicting what happens next is vital for:

  • Engaging the listener
  • Developing creativity
  • Allowing the adult to assess the child’s comprehension abilities
  • Giving the child practice in decision making

Social Thinking

Social Thinking is the awareness of social relationships, body language, and emotional cues essential for understanding and connecting with text. Social Thinking is imperative because:

  • It is the key ingredient in ensuring that a child can successfully function in society
  • Much of what we read involves emotions, making it essential for comprehension

Background Knowledge

Background knowledge relating to the passage is essential for several reasons:

  • It is essential for comprehension
  • It provides the framework for understanding the text e.g. If a child does not know that turtles lay eggs, it is difficult to grasp why a turtle in a story may be protective of some eggs.
  • It helps the child to read between the lines

Encouraging Creative Writing

Picture books provide stimulation or inspiration for creative ideas for writing. They often provide new ideas and different perspectives to entertain and challenge the reader.  Picture books can:

  • Provide a starting point to trigger ideas
  • Promote story ideas – beginning, middle, and end
  • Support the development of necessary vocabulary
  • Build written expression


More and more, our world uses illustration and we need to be able to read visual cues and use them to connect text  for comprehensive understanding