Taking the Numbers Out of Secondary Math


Date: 1 November 2014, Saturday

Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm (4 hours)

Designed for

Parents and teachers who are looking for ways to make Algebra and Geometry logical for their students

How Much?

Individual rate RM200


What you’ll learn

If you think it’s impossible to take the numbers out of secondary Math, think again! Although not commonly done, it can be easier to understand and far less daunting for students to learn concepts in Algebra and Geometry when introduced without numbers. In this half-day workspot, you will learn ways to understand Algebra and Geometry by:

  1. Rethinking the typical methods of teaching Algebra and Geometry;
  2. Learning to use Cuisenaire Rods to solve Algebraic equations;
  3. Using a variety of materials that provide a hands on approach to solving Algebraic equations;
  4. Learning games that reinforce concepts in Algebra and Geometry.
Third Workspot What you’ll learn
Introduction Learn how Algebra and Geometry can be simplified
Cuisenaire Rods for Algebra Use Cuisenaire Rods to introduce concepts in AlgebraUse Cuisenaire Rods to solve Algebraic equations and word problemsMake your own Cuisenaire Rods
An Alternative Method for Algebra Learn an alternative method to work with Algebra and “Make Algebra Child’s Play”
Geometry Introduce concepts in Geometry through hands on experiences
Games to reinforce concepts in Algebra and Geometry Taking the fear out of Algebra and Geometry through appropriate games