Taking the Anxiety Out of Math

A workspot is an opportunity for people to come together to share ideas and learn from one another. In this Hils Learning Math Workspot Series, we are facilitating three half-day workspots. Our first workspot, 11 October 2014, covers techniques to take the anxiety out of Math. Our second workspot, 18 October 2014, deals with counting, pattern recognition, and multiplication. Lastly, the third workspot, 1 November 2014, addresses complex concepts in secondary Math in a manner that even primary school children can understand.
Join us at our Workspot series to exchange ideas and change your thinking about Math.



Date: 11 October 2014, Saturday

Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm (3 hours)

Designed for

Parents and teachers of students who experience Math related anxieties

What you’ll learn

Have you ever seen a child shut down the second they see a Math problem? Everything seems to be going fine until they realise that you’re trying to get them to do the unmetionable, M**H! What you’ll learn in this half-day workspot is what you can do to reduce Math related anxiety in your child by:

  1. Ensuring that your child is relaxed and calm before attempting any activity related to Math;
  2. Understanding the significance of language in Math difficulties;
  3. Using games to reinforce Math concepts in fun and enjoyable ways.

First Workspot What you’ll learn
Introduction How anxiety affects learning. Develop awareness of obstacles that prevent learning
Relaxation methods Learn to use creative visualisation to remove the anxietyUse quick one-minute activities to calm your child down and get them into the right frame of mind for learning
The importance of language It’s rather common for children to say, “I don’t mind Math but I hate word problems.” This may be because they just don’t understand the language used. The workspot will draw attention to common difficulties and proven ways to help.
Games to reinforce Math concepts Games are a great way to entice your child into practising Math conceptsA variety of games will be introduced.




What people said about this Workspot:


‘It’s a very informative workshop that was really fun and provides a lot of positive energy. I also like that it’s very hands-on so we get to try out ourselves here before introducing them to the children. Thank you so much!’

‘Very well run & interesting. Lots of ideas to take away & use. Thanks!’

‘It has been a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning. I am glad to be able to have gained so much input about Maths in just 3 hours. It was a fun experience. Looking forward to more fun times with Hils Learning.’

‘Great workshop! Lots of fun! Great ways to learn Math! It was very relaxing as well. Thank you!

‘Great learning as it’s simple & easy to follow. Truly useful and it was definitely worth spending a Saturday morning for! Great teamwork from the staff of Hils! Keep up your good work! You all are a great blessings!

‘The training was super cool and very realistic, I’ll also prefer more ways to handle children with Special Needs of lower age from 5-7 years.’

‘I like the games part. It gave me some ideas on how to work with my students at different levels. I enjoyed the relaxation activities as well. Overall great info and excellent delivery of message.’

‘Many ideas about how to get a child relaxed before a daunting activity. Found that it also applies to adults & will be trying it on the teachers at my school. Thanks for a fun Saturday morning.’

‘As always, fantastic! Great team work and very interesting-inspires me to research more! I wanted to find out more regarding older children -anxiety at school & how to help-i.e. in more depth. Thanks.’

‘Brilliant. Teachers are sweet & well prepared. Loved the relaxation/visualization exercises. The different games was fun & feel emotionally more prepared to take a step back & help my children.’

‘Thank you for another wonderful workshop. As a teacher I feel full of ideas after spending time with Hils. You help refresh me and break away from the same old lessons/activities. The staff at Hils are professional, knowledgeable, and passionate – it really shows.’

‘Very informative and eyes opening session. Loved the relaxing atmosphere – games helped seeing Maths in another way.’

‘Very relaxing environment & session. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for giving us information on how to deal with our kids & also with anxiety out of Math! ‘