Falling Through the Cracks

Conference and Workshop
aimed at Educators, Researchers, parents and Medical Professionals

The Conference – November 28, 2009

The conference was designed to create awareness of the learning difficulties of the student who is ‘Falling through the cracks’ and to draw attention to what we can do to help them. To achieve this we secured the following speakers:

Dr. Steve ChinnDr. Steve Chinn is a prominent authority and author of many books on dyscalculia and dyslexia. He is well known and a much in demand speaker in the UK.
Dr Chinn will focus on dyscalculia a much-neglected topic in Malaysia.


Ms Helen ChinMs Helen Chin is a Malaysian-based advocate and solicitor, member of the Bar Council’s Law Reform and Special Areas, and contributer to the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008. Ms Chin will explain the progress of the legislation for young people with difficulties in Malaysia.


Dr. Tui lar WongDr Tui lar Wong is a consultant psychiatrist with specialist training in Childhood and Adolescent psychiatry.
Dr Wong is experienced in dealing with ADHD, its management and impact on families.


Dr. Peter MitchellProfessor Peter Mitchell is Director of Studies in Psychology at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus.
Dr Mitchell’s expertise and research includes work on the Autism Spectrum with emphasis on Asperger’s Syndrome.


The Workshop – November 29, 2009

The Workshop, was conducted by Dr Steve Chinn. It was directed at practitioners and parents of students who want to further their knowledge on dyscalculia. This training can be credited towards an 18 hour Certificate in the teaching of Dyscalculia which is recognized by the UK College of Teachers.

Further workshops are planned in 2010 to enable students to complete their certification if they wish to do so. Details of the Certificate can be found on Dr Chinn’s website: stevechinn.co.uk

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