Born to Count


Date: 18 October 2014, Saturday

Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm (4 hours)


Hils Learning Centre
13-1 Jalan Solaris 4
KL 50480

Designed for

Parents and teachers of students who want to learn fun and effective ways to work on counting, addition, and multiplication

What you’ll learn

As adults, we often forget how complex even counting can be. Because we’ve learned to do it, we fret if our child can’t seem to get it! In this half-day workspot, learn:

  1. How complex Math is;
  2. A hands on approach to Math;
  3. To develop your child’s mathematical abilities through pattern recognition;
  4. To use a variety of games to make math fun and enjoyable.


Second Workspot What you’ll learn
Introduction Learn how complex Math isLearn from first-hand experience
The importance of sequencing The importance of sequence in MathProvide activities to reinforce sequence
The importance of language Learn more techniques for developing Math vocabulary
Odds and evens Hands on activities to enable your child to understand odds & evens and other Math concepts
Skip counting Use skip counting as a foundation for multiplicationAdd fun and energy
Multiplication Develop patterns for multiplicationBuild confidence in your child by visually demonstrating how much they know
Games to reinforce Math Concepts Use appropriate games with everyday materials to reinforce concepts