Building confidence, improving grades, and enjoying success

There are many reasons why children fall through the cracks in school. Some children have difficulties which are not pervasive enough to appear as learning disabilities but nevertheless do cause the child to have difficulty in learning. If your child is not achieving at school their confidence may suffer and this can negatively affect their future success.

At Hils Learning we work with children to help them to find ways to overcome the problems they encounter in academic work. Children have different learning styles from each other, from their teacher, and often from their parents. Recognizing individual strengths and different learning styles can mean the difference between poor school grades and subject success.

We are able, through personalized attention, to focus on the child’s individuality and we use a wide variety of different methods to reach each different learner. These techniques, together with games, multisensory materials, memory extension exercises, and focus activities, can provide the child with the skills necessary to undertake not only the immediate problem, but apply the knowledge and skills in new situations when they arise in the future.
In addition we liaise with schools, doctors, therapists and other professionals involved with the child. Our programmes vary according to need, and are individually designed to suit each particular child.

Whether your child needs to improve grades generally, needs to improve their confidence, focus and concentration, needs support in a particular subject, or has other special needs: Whether they are in mainstream education,being educated at home or receiving specialist schooling: we can help make a difference so that they can achieve grade success.
We aim to teach every child the skills that will foster a life-long love of learning and the inherent success that brings.