Hils Learning and Home schooling – a Perfect Partnership

Over the past twenty years in the USA an alternative to what most people consider normal schooling has become a massive movement. In most of the rest of the world home schooling is unheard of, however in the USA it has become mainstream. Almost twenty years ago, homes chooling was the option my husband and I chose when our first child was school age. We now have two of our kids in university and three teenagers at home with us. A year ago we moved to Malaysia, and we have continued to home school our teenage children here. Hils Learning became part of our school day shortly after we arrived.

One challenge with home schooling teenagers is meeting their preparation requirements for college. With younger children the focus is on reading, writing, and maths and that can be easily done at home, but with high school age children preparation for their goals in university becomes important, and it helps to have outside resources to help. In the USA our local community college filled that need. In Malaysia we no longer had that resource. That is how Hils Learning became our partners in our children’s education. Hils Learning has qualified teachers that are genuinely interested in the success of my teenagers. I am impressed with the qualifications of Hilary Craig’s staff and the variety of school subjects they can offer my students. I also appreciate the example her staff portray as they continue to further their own education.

As a result of their time at Hils Learning, my youngest has gained a respect for different cultures along with a love for writing. My fourth child has been given encouragement to study courses that support her goal of studying medicine in university. My middle child has found success and gained new confidence in course work she previously dreaded. All three have found a place where they feel very comfortable accomplishing their goals and they feel their input is valued and heeded. They enjoy being a part of the planning of their work and not just given tasks handed to them.

A partner is someone that comes along side you and works toward a common goal, Hils Learning has become a valuable partner in meeting our family’s educational goals, and has been a valuable resource in our home school.