What our clients say


Hilary came recommended to me through word of mouth, the mother of a son who could not speak more highly about what her son had achieved having followed Hilary’s method. The mother was at desperation point and I feel that she is not alone, I for one am another and at desperation point one starts searching for methods outside the box.

I then attended one of Hilary’s lectures and liked what I heard and embarked upon her course.

I hazard a guess that few mothers have spent every working hour for a week with their child in a learning situation. This was a privilege in that it was a very private, concentrated one on one time.
I made time to do it with my daughter, as Hilary made time to do it with my daughter and I. It was total quality time.

The lady who introduced me to Hilary said she could not exactly put her finger on what Hilary did… but whatever she did changed something in her son or pointed him in a direction from whence he has not looked back.

Hilary is a lady who has years of experience with not only teaching but teaching children who are academically disadvantaged in so far as they have not yet found their key to their successes, I believe she feels everyone can do it but just HOW they do it is the crux of the technique.
Hilary has a suitcase of skills constantly bringing new tricks out of her hat. Hilary will help you to understand your child and your child to understand his/her full potential. She is a lady with infinite patience but one that commands respect from the child at the same time, she is not putting in her effort without it being requited. My daughter was invited to leave several times during the week but at the end of the day she did not want to leave, she wanted to succeed but she just did not know how. Hilary introduced play learning with games, cards, you name it Hilary has got it! My daughter actually enjoyed quite a large chunk of her learning time. She also felt a success at the end of her week with Hilary, it was a positive learning experience not negative as so many before had been.

Hilary pointed me in a direction that I would never have otherwise appreciated. My daughter was a reluctant pupil but our situation was difficult in that she was only here for her holidays being schooled in the UK and she felt holiday time was holiday time not learning time! however she did find an improvement in herself and more importantly I saw a child I had not seen before. A child keen to win, a child keen to succeed but after years of progressive non success a child that was locked in a disbelief of herself. My daughter has slid further and further down the ladder at school, at 6 they asked me to test her for dyslexia but no, not dyslexic. We are unlabelled, we are at the bottom of everything with a very short term memory and two years ago my daughter was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism which is an extremely rare inability to absorb calcium and this has been a major contributing factor to her inability to perform in the classroom. I also understood loud and clear that my daughter wants to come back to school in Malaysia to be near home.

Ironically we sent her to school in the UK because there were no special needs available to us here in Malaysia. In the UK she has since dropped a year. I realised during my week with Hilary that my daughter with very specific help can do it. It is going to be a very long hard slog but I am no longer interested in her academic performance, I am purely interested in her self believe and personal happiness. I have juggled ideas of home tuition, specialist schools. Her home sickness is exasperated by her medical condition and so we have now decided to bring home nearer to my daughter by my spending two thirds of each term in the UK with her and supporting her learning and well being. Hilary high lighted my ‘out of the box’ alternatives available to me but I had to consider my whole family not just one member. I have tools in my box now during homework sessions that I did not have before my time with Hilary.

I could not recommend ‘a week with Hilary Craig’ more highly.