This was the response of a 12 year old boy at Hils Learning to his mothers request to – “Tell me about Hils Learning”

“Hils Learning is great I learn a lot every day. I learn very quickly and I can ask all kind of questions and I get answers straight away. It is never boring. The teachers are always there for me. I work with computers. I play games. I have to do homework every day but it is fun! I’m here to learn English because the International school would not let me in. Yes, I learn English but I also learn Science, Math, History, biology all in English!”

And Mother’s story

“When we came to KL 4 months ago it was very disappointing that our son was not admitted to the international school because his English was not sufficient. Fortunately he could start at Hils Learning straight away. They organized for him an intensive tailor-made program. My son suffers from dyslexia and feels very insecure about languages but at Hils they teach him English with confidence and self-esteem. He loves to go there each day and learns all the different subjects in a one teacher one student situation. It is intensive and challenging but on the right level. The teachers are very involved and professional and the child is always at the centre. My son will enter the international school soon but he will go back to Hils to get the extra support we think he needs.”