Not long ago, my child would have been called stupid, stubborn, lazy and doomed to a life of failure. When we heard about the gift of dyslexia, it gave us hope. We, like any other parent, want to equip our child with all the tools she would require in life. We researched and read as much as we could and with the knowledge that we acquired, we tried to help our child. Our efforts were met with frustration and to make things worse, the school academic system which is exam oriented, did not helping at all.

After the first session she had with you, my first question to her was “did you have fun learning with the new method”. When she smiled and enthusiastically started telling me her experience, I knew that my child was finally the getting the help that she needs.

Thank you for opening the world to Lea, suddenly this world has become a brighter and colorful place for her to live in.