Coming from Norway, we had been use to another style of learning. Also the language of tuition was Norwegian and not English. So it was quite stressful trying to get our children a place at the local international schools. After a frustrating week of unsuccessful assessments and less than friendly school staff, we discovered Hilslearning. Just a few minutes of talking with the counselor Marina, we knew that we were in the right place and our worries were reduced.
For One month, my 11 year old daughter and my 9 year old son attended Hilslearning every day for 1.5 hours a day. The result of this was truly amazing to me.
After the first week, their confidence in using the English language as their mode of communication while studying greatly improved. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much improvement Sondre was making in reading and writing.
Most importantly, they were very happy going to Hilslearning every day. The mode of teaching at Hilslearning is not conventional and therefore entertaining to the children. Solveig studied Math, English and Science by doing lots of experiments and other interesting art programs. Sondre studied Math and English by playing lots of games. There was always a fun book to read, and other interesting facts brought home daily.
Even though it was the summer, they always looked forward to going to Hilslearning. When I told them that they will be taking a break from Hilslearning in August, there were lots of complains and grumpy faces.
At the end of July, when Solveig and Sondre revisited the school for another assessment, the director was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Her words to me were as follows “I hope they will continue with Hilslearning for they have done an amazing job”. An assessment I totally agreed with.
We are continuing with Hilslearning even as the schools have already started because we believe that it is a place that accepts children with open arms regardless of their challenges, makes them feel welcomed and help them see that they are capable in their own special way.
Thank you Hilslearning for making my children see great potentials in themselves.

Annette A. (Happy mother)