I am a happy mom and I must thank you and Hilary all that you have done for Kamal.
He has made tremendous progress in school as you can see from the attached reports. I am sure you are already aware and focusing on the areas for improvement and this reports are confirming that. However, if you feel that the areas highlighted need more attention – please proceed as you think best.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can provide additional support during the summer break – please let me know even if I means additional classes – the idea being to prepare him for Grade 4 so that he goes in with a head start with the necessary confidence! Right now, Kamal is a bit apprehensive of what to expect in Grade 4 – he had a great homeroom teacher in Grade 3.

Once again a very big thank you from [us] – and yes I am a great proponent of Hils with people I meet!