We are delighted to find Anna’s understanding of long division to be very sound, after you tutored her last week. Following her session with you, she had a 6 day break from school due to local public holidays. On returning to school, Anna’s teacher tested her immediately on long division. This test was taken without prior knowledge; in other words Anna had not prepared for the test. In addition, Anna did not undertake any study during the holiday break.

Anna was delighted to report to me that evening that she had scored 85% on her long division test! This is an outstanding result for Anna, and the errors she did make were related to simple addition or subtraction oversights. Anna is now confident that she understands long division, and the process to follow when performing the calculation. In addition, her self esteem is raised, as she can see for herself that she has the ability to complete the same challenges as her class mates.
Thank you for your hard work