Can you solve this?

Here is a fun brain teaser to do this weekend with your family.



Objective: Everybody has to cross the river


The following rules apply:

  • Only 2 people on the raft at a time.
  • The Father cannot stay with any of the daughters, without their Mother’s presence.
  • The Mother cannot stay with any of the sons, without their Father’s presence.
  • The thief (striped shirt) cannot stay with any family member, if the Policeman is not there.
  • Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate the raft.


Note: The solution is possible! THIS IS NOT A TRICK!


Please use the pictures below to solve this brain teaser.

   mother-clipart-mother-hi dad-clip-art-dad2 clipart-girl-y9Tzq6eiEclipart-girl-y9Tzq6eiE blond-boy blond-boyofficer-clipart-POLICE_OFFICER2 images (5) 1330818805797259306log





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