Picture books that deal with anxiety

Here are two picture books that address anxiety.


Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears

by Emily Gravett

This picture book gently and informatively addresses several common fears while tossing in the words for fears themselves; for instance, arachnophobia (fear of spiders), rupophobia (fear of dirt), and the witty whereamiophobia (the fear of getting lost). Young children will identify with the little mouse who uses the pages of this book to document fears – from loud noises and the dark, to being sucked down the plughole. This book is packed with details and novelty elements including flaps, die-cuts and even a hilarious fold-out map. This is a great book to address fears in a light hearted manner.




A Terrible Thing Happened

by Margaret M. Holmes

This book follows the post-trauma experience of Sherman Smith, a young raccoon who has witnessed an undisclosed trauma. Sherman experiences many common symptoms of individuals who have witnessed a trauma, including insomnia, lack of appetite, and anxiety. After getting in trouble at school several times, Sherman meets Ms. Maple. She helps Sherman to express his feelings, and Sherman begins to feel better. This is a great book to help children work through fear and anxiety. We especially like that there is a guide for parents at the end of the book.