Picture book- For general understanding of measurements

This book is great for general understanding of measurements. So why does Mr Archimedes’ bath always overflowed? Who is responsible for it- is it the Wombat, Goat or Kangaroo? As the foreword says, “Offers science in a story-book…”

Mr Archimedes' Bath

Some ways to use this book:

1) Exploring who the real Archimedes was

  • Who was Archimedes? (A Greek mathematician, philosopher and inventor who made significant contributions to geometry, arithmetic and mechanics).
  • Explore a map/route of where Archimedes came from, studied, lived and died.

2) Ordinals

  • Kangaroo was the first to stay out of the bath, Goat was the second and Wombat was the third.

3) Exploring the law of displacement

  • In very simple terms, the law of displacement proposes that any floating object displaces its own weight of fluid.
  • Check out this video :
  • Carry out experiment with plastic animals in a container of water.