more events

Susan Hollar, a specialist speech pathologist from USA is planning to visit in October and give a talk on ADHD and language. Susan has a wide range of experience in Autism and learning difficulties. This is a topic that I’m sure will interest many parents as well as Special Needs professionals. When dates and times are confirmed we will keep everyone informed but in the meantime don’t forget to register your interest in our visiting speakers by registering your email address on our web page.

And also in 2010 Steve Chinn is returning – he promises to come in November and again as soon as we have definite dates and times, we will publish them. All those who learned so much about dyscalculia last year and have been waiting for his return will be delighted that we have once again managed to entice him back. Specialist centres in UK who have been trying to capture him to speak for years are really envious and have told us how lucky we are! We know we are, for last year we learned so much about dyslexia, dyscalculia and learning difficulties and Steve was such an entertaining speaker that we really enjoyed the sessions with him.