The inchworm or the grasshopper…





  1. Focuses on the parts and details.
  1. Looks at the number and facts to select a suitable formula or procedure.
  1. Formula, procedure-oriented
  1. Constrained focus. Uses on method.
  1. Works in serially ordered steps, usually forward.
  1. Uses numbers exactly as given.
  1. More comfortable with paper and pen. Documents method.
  1. Unlikely to check or evaluate answer.
  1. Often does not understand procedures or values of numbers. Works mechanically.



  1. Overviews, holistic, puts together.
  1. Looks at the numbers and facts to estimate an answer, or narrow down the range of answers. Controlled exploration.
  1. Answer-oriented.
  1. Flexible focus. Uses a range of methods.
  1. Often works back from a trail answer.
  1. Adjusts, breaks down/ builds up numbers to make an easier calculation.
  1. Rarely documents method. Performs calculations mentally (and intuitively).
  1. Likely to appraise and evaluate answer against original estimate. Checks by an alternative method/ procedure.
  2. Good understanding of number methods and relationships.