Games with a Deck of Cards

The Jester 


Number of players:



Equipment needed:

1 deck of playing cards.


Object of the game:

To win the most cards. Cards are won by the first player to perform all the actions and sounds when cards are played.


Setting up the game:

Learn and practice actions for each of the following “action cards:”

Ace – bark

2- meow

Jack – salute

Queen – wave

King – bow down

Joker – make a silly face

Other cards – no action or sound is given


How to play:

1. Shuffle the cards and deal out all the cards to the players.

2. Players hold their cards face down.

3. On the count of three, everyone reveals their top card and places it in the middle.  If an action card appears then all the players must act out the action. For example, if there are three players playing the game and these three cards are placed in the middle:


all players must bark and wave and meow.

4.The first player to correctly perform all the actions and sounds win the
   cards in the middle. Cards remain in the middle if all players forget one or more of the actions or sounds, or players cannot decide who did the action or sound first. 

5. If players can’t decide who did the action or sound first cards remain in the
    middle. Winner of the next round takes those cards as well.

6. The game continues until all the cards have been played.

7. The person with the most cards wins the game.



  • Add more action cards to make the game harder.
  • Use fewer action cards to make the game easier.
  • Make up your own actions for the action cards.
  • For young children, have the ‘actions’ written out for reference