Are we in need of a digital detox?

             My family and I decided to have a lazy Sunday. On these lazy Sunday’s we each have some electronic device on, whether it be the TV, computer, phone, iPad or tablet. We might leave the house to do something or other but lazy Sundays are definitely days where you do things on your own and have lots of “me time.” So our lazy Sunday started and we each went on our way doing our own thing. As the day went by we decided to touch base with one another via WhatsApp. Hours went by with brief check-ins and then suddenly someone dared to ask, “Where are you?” Simultaneously the rest of us replied, “At home.” There was a brief pause for each one of us and then there was a sudden rush to the living room. The looks on our faces were priceless! The shock and horror of how oblivious we were left us speechless for a good five minutes. As we sat in the living room wondering how we all could have been in the same place and yet not know it left us to ask the long awaited and dreaded question, “Is our family in need of a digital detox?” The answer to that, as hard as it was for any of us to admit was, YES!

            The following weekend our family sat down and decided how we would go about working on a digital detox. After four hours of tense debate we agreed to start small and work our way to our final goal, which was to only use digital devices when there was a need to. We decided that in April we would have a board game night every Friday from 9pm to 10pm and during this hour all electronic devices must be kept in a box and placed under my mother’s bed. In May we decided that every Saturday morning would be a no technology morning where anything electronic is on “lock down.”

            Whether we want to admit it or not, this small digital detox has truly brought our family closer. Yes, I agree we were forced into it, but we have each realized that technology should not overpower the times we spend together. Now, instead of having to multi-task between a conversation and the electronic device in front of us we are actually putting our phones, iPads or tablets away and are actually laughing and joking about events that happened in our lives or during game night. Our family is slowly starting to understand the true meaning of quality time. These days quality time is definitely looking at a person and actually listening to what the person says instead of having some device capture our attention during most of the conversation and later saying, “You never told me that!” My family is definitely getting some control over our electronic devices and I hope by reading this you will ask yourself the question, “Is my family in need of a digital detox?”


                                                                      digital detox