How can you help your child to listen and to focus?

Half-day workshop on practical and fun ways to improve listening and focus – Workshop by Hils Learning

Active listening involves effort to hear and understand what people are saying. Paying attention is crucial to a child’s learning success. Learn how to help your child develop active listening and attention skills for learning.

9am – 12pm, 9th November 2013

Early Bird Special rate until 31st October 2013  RM120

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Parent Support Group- Games & Learning

We had our Parent Support Group night last Tuesday, and this was a big success. The session, chaired by Hannie, focused on Games and Learning. Both parents and staff had a fun time learning, playing and exploring the educational aspects of various card and board games.

Educational games provide a type of fun learning environment that unconsciously helps foster a wide range of skills, such as problem-solving, communication, planning, cooperation and goal setting. They also help students learn from their mistakes and develop high order thinking skills, all the while, having fun!

Look out for our next Parent Support Group night session. We will be looking at Nutrition and its Effects on Children.

Michelle Garcia Winner

Michelle is coming on March 19/20.  All the registration details are just a click away.  Payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit (but please remember to send us a copy of the deposit slip) or at our office by credit card.