A Card Game to Work on Memory

Tri Memory


Number of Players

  • 2 to 4


Equipment Needed

  • 1 deck of cards for 2 players; 2 decks of cards for 3 to 4 players
  • Remove Jokers


Object of the Game

  • To be the first player to collect the same card combination as the 3 cards “hidden” in the middle of the table.


Setting up the Game

The dealer places 3 random cards (do not use/repeat the same cards) in the middle, face up. All players look at the cards and try to remember the number (or picture if it is a King, Queen or Jack) of each of the cards. Turn the cards face down and keep them in the middle.


How to play

  1. Deal 3 cards to each player.


  1. Place remaining deck of cards (face down) in the centre next to the 3 random cards (this will be the ‘draw’ pile).


  1. Players look at their cards.


  1. Players to discard one of their cards that does not match the 3 cards in the centre and draw a new card from the draw pile (they have to discard their card before drawing a new card)


  1. The game stops when a player holds the same cards (by number not suit) as the 3 random cards “hidden” in the middle.


  1. When the draw pile runs out, shuffle the cards in the discard pile and use it as the new draw pile.