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Small Steps Big Differences


Each one of us learns in a different way. Traditional teaching approaches don’t always suit the variety of different ways people learn — a conflict that can damage confidence and sometimes lead to failure. The key question that faces parents and teachers is how to help those who learn differently find long term success. In Small Steps, Big Differences: A Toolkit for Parents of Children Who Fall through the Cracks, author Hilary Craig challenges this question and offers parents strategies to help.

The resources provided within this toolkit are framed around the core belief that all children can make progress, even if traditional learning and teaching methods in the classroom are inadequate for the way they learn. This toolkit provides support to those parents who recognize the unique abilities and talents in their children and who want practical tools to enable them to learn and succeed.

Hilary Craig’s experience, insight and strategies for helping children learn effectively, provide a valuable resource to accompany classroom learning. In this toolkit, she also addresses the four essential skills for effective learning: memory, listening, attention, and social skills; and strategies to develop each of these, with the final goal to build confidence.

Small Steps, Big Differences is an invaluable resource for parents to help their children increase their chances for learning success.

Throughout the book there are a number of resources that Hilary refers to. We have compiled a list of these with links to various companies to purchase them where possible.



The Three Bears

Don’t forget the bacon – by Pat Hutchins

Rosie’s Walk – Pat Hutchins

Room on a Broom – By Julia Donaldson

The Gruffalo – by Julia Donaldson

Diary of a Wombat – by Jackie French

The Gift of Dyslexia – by Ron Davis

Going on a Bear Hunt – by Michael Rosen

Hipp! No, Rhino by Jeff Newman

Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt

Ollie by Oliver Dunrea

Checky Charlie by Ben Redlich

Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears by Emily Gravett

Say Hello by Jack and Michael Foreman

Superflex Series by Michelle Garcia Winner

Thinking about You, Thinking about me by Michelle Garcia Winner

Whole body Listening by Michelle Garcia Winner

Social Stories by Carol Gray

Comic Strip Conversations by Carol Gray

Wikki Stix


Time Timer timetimer.com

Ten or 12 sided Die – amazon

rat a tat cat

I went to the market and I bought

Kim’s Game

Happy Families

Old Maid

Memory Blocks



Chicky Memo



Shopping List Game

Brainbox – round the world & Mathematics

pass the bomb


Connect 4


Blink / Speed

Peguin Pile Up


Stormy Seas

Make ‘N’ Break

Rush Hour


Hocus Focus