An article on Madeline Stuart- A girl with down syndrome who wants to become a model.

Aspiring model with Down syndrome hopes to change face of conventional beauty


BRISBANE, Australia — A teenage girl with Down syndrome is looking to challenge perceptions of conventional beauty by pursuing a modeling career.

According to the Daily Mail, Stuart made the drastic life change by swimming five times a week, as well as  cheerleading and hip-hop dancing.  She also trained for “several” sports with the Special Olympics, Fusion reported.

In July she plans to travel to the U.S. to compete in dancing competitions with her dance group Bust a Move, which comprises teens and young adults with disabilities, the Daily Mail reports.

Stuart considers her disability a gift, the Daily Mail reports. With her new lease on life, Stuart wants to be a professional model.

“She loves the attention when she is up on the stage, doing a play or competing in gymnastics or cheer, and I have always taken millions of photos of her so she loves the camera,” her mother Roseanne told the Daily Mail.

Stuart has taken to outlets such as Facebook and Instagram in hopes she can land a modeling gig through an agent.


“…She really wants to change the way people discriminate against disability,” Rosanne said.

Stuart’s accounts have gained a lot of traction since. Her Facebook page has garnered more than 150,000 followers in less than two weeks. Her Instagram profile has more than 16,000 followers.


Along with her recent viral success, Stuart’s story has been featured on popular media outlets such as Buzzfeed and The Today Show’s website.

“If the average person could see the beauty Maddy has inside, how loving and caring she is and if that is what people measured beauty on, then most of the models in the world would have Down syndrome,” Stuart’s mother told the Daily Mail.


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