The Hils Learning Approach:
Responding to needs

At the Hils Learning centre in Malaysia we recognise that we must utilize many different methodologies to really help the student who is experiencing difficulty. Carefully observing the individual for their strongest learning mode, we respond by offering learning support, matching the most appropriate remediation to the person’s needs. In the words of one of our clients we: ‘make every small step important’.

Difficulties in school or workplace affect not only the individual but also the whole family. Our programmes are designed to include parents and we welcome their participation. We consider training and learning support for the whole family to be an integral part of all of our programmes.

We work with:

  • A developmental pediatrician
  • A behavioral & developmental optometrist
  • An occupational therapist for sensory and physical therapy
  • Institute of Neuro-Physiology Psychology practitioner for retained reflexes
  • A nutritionist for dietary advice
  • A counselor

In addition we liaise with schools, doctors and other professionals involved with the child. Our programmes vary according to need. We design individual programmes to suit the child.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is provided as a separate and distinct program, in its own context and on its own schedule.

Our staff are trained in special needs and psychology. And in addition we have teachers, language specialist, math specialist, play therapists & an expressive therapist.

Games are an important component of our programmesWe supplement education materials with games and a variety of multisensory materials to enhance learning. Games play an integral role to develop math and reading skills, to extend memory, to further visual perception and to challenge thinking. Our holistic approach is designed to provide families with the knowledge and support to carry forward and build on the successes experienced by the child during a Hils Learning session.