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Transforming the lives of learners with different needs – 11th February 2017
By PRETHIBA ESVARY “When I was little and people showed me a photograph of my sister and said ‘your sister is third from the left,’ I would mentally put myself into the picture and count ‘One, two, three’ from the left. . . I always got it wrong and I wouldn’t say a word to...
Learning to Learn Differently – Parenthood Magazine July 2014
A New resource for parents of children with learning difficulties now available. - Small Steps, Big Differences; A Toolkit for Parents of Children Who Fall Through the Cracks
FAMILY: Just wired differently – New Straights Times 14/07/2014
HILARY Craig hands me a sheet of paper and tells me to read the sentence: “god yzal eht revo spmuj xof nworb kciuq ehT”. Surely it’s one huge typo.
BFM 89.9 radio interview July 2014
Each one of us learns in a different way. A conflict in learning method can damage confidence and sometimes lead to failure. How do we help those who learn differently find long term success?
Meneroka kaedah baru – 19/06/2014
An article that appeared in Utusan Malaysia in Bahasa
Learning differently, not learning difficulty – Malay Mail 9/06/2014
Hilary’s first book ‘Small Steps, Big Differences: A Toolkit for Parents of Children Who Fall through the Cracks’ is a practical resource for parents with children who learn differently.
Don’t stop believing: Helping children who learn differently to progress – The Star 6/6/2014
“If you don’t believe that your child will progress, chances are very high you won’t see much progress,”
Sentres of Attention – Expatriate Lifestyle Feb. 2014
When it comes to Special Educational Needs in Malaysia, parents’ options are limited. But two ladies fulfilling a passion for helping those with differences are doing their best to change the learning landscape.
Overcoming Learning Difficulties With Confidence: Parenthood – Back to School, Jan. 2014
Every child differs individually - while some might be able to solve complicated math equations. the others might be better in writing. Children who can swim well, might not be able to dance as gracefully as the rest.They each have their own way to ace.
Learning with a difference – Focus Malaysia – People & Living – Nov. 2013
THE joy of having a child is something special and shared by the whole family but what happens when you learn that your child has learning difficulties, is not able to attend school or refuses to pick up any books to read?
“Leapfrogging to Success” – The Expat Magazine – Nov 2012
The Expat magazine ‘Leapfrogging to Success’ Nov. 2012
BFM 89.9 radio interview November 2010
"Dyscalculia or math disability, is a condition that is akin to dyslexia and can include confusion about math symbols. Hilary Craig of Hils Learning explains the condition to us, including symptoms, potential problems those afflicted can face and what can be done to help them."
Happiness Is Learning Success – ABW Magazine July/August 2010
A Visit to Hils Learning enabled me to see first hand what the centre does and consider how children can become happier learners...
BFM 89.9 radio interview March 2010
"Hilary Craig from Hils Learning talks about the challenges to manage a private educational centre which supports children with learning difficulties."
Malaysia Airlines ‘Looking in’ feature on Hilary Craig – Feb 2010
Hilary Craig from Hils Learning interviewed for the "looking In" feature of the Malaysia Airlines in-flight magazine "Going Places".