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A card game for Memory, Language, Math and Attention.

A + B

Number of Players

  • 2 to 4

Equipment Needed

  • 2 decks of cards
  • Remove Kings, Queens, Jacks and Jokers.
  • Pen and paper for scoring and recording which card corresponds to which alphabet.


Object of the Game

To spell words using the cards in your hand to get points. The player who earns the most points wins.


Setting up the Game

Cards Ace to 5 are vowels. Ace is ‘a’, 2 is ‘e’, 3 is ‘i’, 4 is ‘o’, 5 is ‘u’. Try practice game “Vowels” to help (Pg. 47). Cards 6 to 10 are consonants of your choice. All players agree on which consonants are represented by which number.


6-clubsseven38       9       playing_card_diamond_10-svg

s                       r                      t                         c                        d


How to play

  1. Deal 6 cards to each player. The rest of the cards are turned face down in the middle.
  2. Player 1 makes a word using the cards in their hand. Once they have spelled a word, they replace the cards they have used from the deck in the middle. Player 1 scores their word and writes it down e.g.


Ace Ace playing_card_diamond_10-svg 8 5 2

Letters in this hand:

                                              a, a, d, t, u, e        


playing_card_diamond_10-svg Ace 8 2

                  Word made from these letters:          


Player 1 scores their word: “date” scores 10 + 1 + 8 + 2 = 21


  1. If a player spells a word using all 6 cards, they get a bonus 10 points.
  2. Players take it in turns to make words, score and then replace their cards from the deck. Each player must always have 6 cards in their hand.
  3. If a player can’t make a word, they may discard 1 card in the center and pick up a new card from the deck. If a player can’t go for 2 turns running, they may swap all their 6 cards for replacement cards ending their turn.
  4. Once a word has been spelled, it cannot be used again in the same game.
  5. If a word is in doubt, use the Oxford English Dictionary to judge.
  6. The game finishes when a player no longer has 6 cards in their hand or when a pre-arranged target score is reached.



Players take it in turns to see how many words they can make within a specified time, for example 10 minutes.

The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak

A book with no pictures?

What could be fun about that?

Hey, what kind of book is this, anyway?

the-book-with-no-pictures-480x480 The book with no pictures- inside1 The book with no pictures- inside2


This is a very funny book that asks the reader to say all sorts of silly things to prove that a book with only words can be fun and entertaining. It’s a fantastic choice as a read-aloud. This book will make everybody laugh and laugh!