Monthly Archives: November 2013

Book Review – The Spark : A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius by Kristine Barnett

This story is described as a memoir about Jake Barnett, an autistic child prodigy. However, when reading this story you realize that the story is actually about how Kristine Barnett supports, nurtures and encourages her autistic son to be all that he can be and achieve goals beyond what is expected. Throughout the book there is a reminder that one should always focus on what the child can do and enjoys in order to reach success. This is a wonderful book that truly touches the heart and soul as it addresses life, loss, struggle and triumph.

The Spark, a must read for all!

Can Brains be Trained?

A three-part documentary has recently been released by ABC on brain plasticity. In this documentary, the host puts his own brain to the test and undergoes exercises that are aimed to improve his thinking speed, attention, and memory. He experiences major improvements by training his brain for only an hour a day. Click here to watch the first episode.

Irregular Sleeping Hours Linked to Behavioral Problems

Is your child having regular sleeping hours? Channel News Asia recently reported a study that shows how inconsistent bedtimes can disrupt natural body rhythms and cause sleep deprivation which impairs brain development and the ability to regulate some behavior.

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