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How can you help your child to listen and to focus?

Half-day workshop on practical and fun ways to improve listening and focus – Workshop by Hils Learning

Active listening involves effort to hear and understand what people are saying. Paying attention is crucial to a child’s learning success. Learn how to help your child develop active listening and attention skills for learning.

9am – 12pm, 9th November 2013

Early Bird Special rate until 31st October 2013  RM120

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Finally Happening!

The “Developing Memory through Games” workshop is finally happening this weekend on 19th October 2013!

Here’s an interesting article that provides practical strategies on helping students improve their memory. It breaks this tall order down to 3 manageable parts: (i) How can I commit things to memory? (ii) How can I avoid forgetting the things I have committed to memory? (iii) How can I be certain that I have actually committed to memory the things I want to know? To read more on how you can help your child, click here.

If you are still interested to attend the workshop but have not signed up, you may still do so (hurry as spaces are limited). Click here for more details.

An Exciting Month at Hils Learning

This month, several members of staff are undergoing further training to enhance their abilities as learning facilitators. To improve our understanding of difficulties children encounter in learning Maths, a member of staff is going to the UK to undertake the University of Worcester’s Advanced Diploma in ‘Overcoming Barriers to Learning in Mathematics’. The main aim here is to gain more practical knowledge that will support our ability to reach the learners who are having difficulty accessing the world of Maths.

To support our understanding of the children’s emotional states, several members of staff are undertaking the Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, awarded by the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy, UK. Because special needs children are often wired very differently and struggle with expressing themselves, Play Therapy serves as an alternative mode of communication to reach these different learners.

If you would like to enhance your own skills, Hils Learning is conducting a workshop on 19 October on Developing Memory through Games. Click here for more details.

The Reason I Jump – book review

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

This book is written by a 13 year old severely autistic Japanese boy. It offers insight from the world within an autistic’s mind. Written in a Q & A format, it contains common questions we often ask about autism. Why do you speak in that peculiar way? Why don’t you make eye contact when you’re talking? Do you have a sense of time? Why do you repeat certain questions again and again? The answers provided from the perspective of an autistic help to dispel some of our misconceptions about autistic traits and behaviors. It also contains an honest plea for our understanding and perseverance when dealing with someone who is autistic.

The original book was written using a cardboard keyboard containing Japanese letters. Naoki learnt to communicate via pointing to letters contained in the keyboard. The book has been translated by David Mitchell and KA Yoshida in the hope that it will offer invaluable insight into an autistic’s world.

A wonderful book that will definitely tug the heart strings of its readers!