Monthly Archives: October 2012

Taking the Fear out of Maths

We’ve been busy at the office preparing for our upcoming workshop ‘Taking the Fear out of Maths’.

So often we meet children (and adults) who struggle with Maths and are quick to add that they’re ‘just not cut out for Maths’. Everyone can be good in Maths, sometimes it just takes a different approach or way of looking at it to help you get there.

In this workshop we’ll be exploring a range of different practical and fun methods you could use to help your struggling child. You may find that the approach that worked for you, may not necessarily work best for your child. Different approaches can be just as effective.

For more details on the workshop and registration, go to

No Dreams Too Big

This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine was told in high school that his dreams of becoming a scientist were ridiculous. Read about it here.

More workshops!

Our remedial reading training session a few weeks ago marked the end of our 5-day workshop. It was great to hear the participants share their ideas and experiences- and all with such enthusiasm!

Running the workshop was a great experience for us and we’re already in the midst of organising our next one. Details to be out soon!