Monthly Archives: April 2012

Exploring Creative Writing

A few weeks ago, we decided to share and brainstorm creative writing ideas at our staff meetings. Rather than the traditional approach of writing an essay based on a given title, we looked at how other activities (such as incorporating crafts, visualizing & verbalizing, drawing pictures, taking turns continuing a story, etc) can make creative writing much more fun!

It also gave us a good opportunity to try these activities out and experience what it is like being in our students’ shoes for a change.

A Beautiful Reminder

Every now and then, we receive cards or letters from our past students and parents, reminding us why we do what we do. Here’s a beautiful one by Lea that we received recently.

Help me, hand me your hand,
pull me out of this abyss.
I can’t read,
tell me what’s wrong.
Why am I different,
Why can’t I read.
Help me, bring me,
to someone like me.
Teach me, give me,
all that you can.
Get me out,
set me free.
Let me fly,
let me be me.

Thank you Hilary, for setting me free.

Picture Books

We’ve been having fun exploring our huge collection of picture books at Hils over the last few weeks. One of the biggest misconceptions that we often hear about picture books is that they are only meant for younger children.

Picture books are great learning tools as they build on vocabulary, comprehension, predictive and deductive skills, all while drawing the reader into a highly imaginative and creative world! They are also great for interactive shared reading as well as acting as a platform for branching out into an endless list of fun activities.