Monthly Archives: October 2011

Food Intolerances

We’ve always known that a child’s diet and nutrition can have a considerable impact on their overall behaviour and learning abilities. While there’s no ‘one-diet-fits-all’, some parents have tried reducing the amount of gluten from their child’s diet, to check for gluten-intolerances. An interesting article in The Star newspaper last week also talked about this:

It’s great that more people in the region are becoming more and more aware about possible food allergies and intolerances, especially in children, and are taking the right steps to address this.

Parent Support Group Night

We had our Parent Support Group night last Thursday, and this was a big success. The session, chaired by Esther, looked into the practical aplications of Social Thinking concepts.

It was a great night of sharing and learning, as we looked into common, everyday situations and explored practical solutions through open discussions and sharing of experiences.

We  hope everyone was able to gain something useful out of the night, just as we have!