Monthly Archives: August 2010

Temple Grandin

Have you watched the movie – it’s well worth watching and helps to understand Autism Spectrum Disorders


Have you tried working with children with learning difficulties with an IPad. There are all kinds of features and apps that help and the selection of apps is growing daily. Some work very well for children with Autism and some features really suit dyslexics. Eye hand co-ordination through the Bubbles program, speech encouragement with the Talking Cat – I’m just starting the exploration and so far it is really exciting. Do let me know what you find that works.

More Books

Have just spent an amazing day with Autism Queensland listening to Tony Attwood. So much information about Asperger’s packed into just one day. Too much to absorb so have to hit the books. Here are a few of the books he recommended:
How Humans Make Friends – Loreen Leedy
Making Friends – Fred Rogers
Alone Together – Katrine Bentley & tony Attwood
The Way I see It – Temple Grandin
Have fun reading!


So many parents come to us with an assessment that has determined that their child has ADHD. There are many recommendations for treatment but we know that the best results are obtained when, in addition to the suggested treatment, parents are able to work effectively with their children. To help these parents with one aspect that has enormous impact on many of these children, we have asked Susan Hollar to give a workshop on language. Language is linked to success, behaviour and co-operation for all children and Susan will be examining how we can improve children’s behaviour and improve their chances of success through language. Details of her October 2nd workshop are to be found on our webite.