Monthly Archives: June 2010


Although it is vacation time for many of our students, it is still really busy at Hils. All those children who want summer programs for their learning difficulties are using the holidays to get the help they need. In addition our staff are busy learning too. Esther and Farhan are furthering their own learning about special needs. Marina is in Spain finishing a Master’s degree. Hilary is teaching what she knows about dyslexia to college lecturers. To all of you who are planning a holiday have a wonderful restful break.

ordering books

We are finalising our June order for Michelle Garcia Winner’s books so if you wish to order any of her titles please send your list of books, your name, phone number, and mobile number to and we will order the books for you and let you know as soon as they arrive in KL

Michelle garcia Winner AGAIN!

We are delighted to announce that Michelle Garcia Winner has agreed to return to KL in August 2011 – the tentative dates are August 19 and 20. Do let us know if there is a particular workshop you might like her to present when she returns – the workshops are all listed on her website