Monthly Archives: March 2010


Countdown to Michelle Garcia Winner’s workshops to learn more about ways to help children with social interaction. The two important days are Friday 19th and Saturday 20th March. An opportunity not to be missed. Register on line.


Esther recommends reading the book Caged in Chaos by Victoria Biggs, a teenage dyspraxic. It provides insights into the difficulties of everyday living as experienced by a dyspraxic.

Geneva Centre for Autism

While in Toronto last week I paid a visit to the Geneva Centre for Autism and sat in on one of their lectures on Asperger’s Syndrome which was also available on webinar. Check their website at:
for they provide great distance learning.


Hilary has just returned from snow, sparkling sunshine and stimulating speakers. This was the JUMP math conference in Toronto. JUMP is a program designed by John Mighton who was concerned about student Math achievement resulting from commonly used school Math programmes. JUMP is used for a number of children here at Hilslearning and we feel it is effective for children who ‘believe’ they cannot do Math! The phrase that repeatedly rang through my head as a result of the conference was from John Mighton’s book The End of Ignorance. Many people believe that the individual has a certain aptitude for Math but he maintains “This gene (for Math) seems to come with an expiry date, though, and most people can remember the year it gave out-when they had a particularly bad experience with the subject.” We like and agree with his optimism!