Monthly Archives: January 2010

Hils Learning centre holiday closure dates

The Hils Learning centre will be closed on the following dates in 2010:

Feb 1 (Federal Territory Day)
Feb 15, 16 (Chinese New Year)
Feb 26 (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday)

May 28 (Wesak Day)

August 30, 31 (Independence / National Day)

Sept 9, 10 (Eid-Ul-Fitr)

Nov 5 (Deepavali)
Nov 17 (Eid-Ul-Adha)

Dec 7 (Al-Hijira)
Dec 17 – 31 (Hils Learning annual Holidays)

Michelle Garcia Winner

Michelle is coming on March 19/20.  All the registration details are just a click away.  Payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit (but please remember to send us a copy of the deposit slip) or at our office by credit card.

New Blog, New Year, New Decade

Welcome to our new blog.  We are so pleased to be able to now share with you all the many exciting things that are happening in the field of learning and in our office.

In the past year we have had the opportunity to help more than 120 students.  We have in addition had many visitors and lots of opportunities for staff training.

We formed a working relationship with Nottingham University Malaysia and this has resulted in both working with individual students and in a first joint Conference and Workshop.  This occasion, with the guest speaker Dr Steven Chinn, was an amazing success. The delegates were delighted and we know this because of the avalanche of compliments we received and their eagerness for follow up.  So, as a result of this enthusiasm we are planning on a return visit by Dr Chinn sometime later in 2010 when he can fit us into his busy schedule.

2009 was a great learning year for us.  In addition to the Conference we organised, our staff attended a number of workshops.  Teng Yan went to a one day workshop on autism, Teng Yan and Paula attended another on Floortime, Hilary went on a short course in UK on Asperger’s Syndrome  and Farhan, Paula, Esther, Hannie, and Hilary all took a one day training in Art Therapy.  To keep informed of changes and new ideas we attended some conferences other than our own. Hilary went to a Learning Works conference on dyscalculia in London and and Paula  attended the Dyslexia Conference in Singapore.  Also we did a whole staff training on counselling for adolescents and to this we invited teachers from Sapura Smart School.  In addition to all this staff training, Farhan started a diploma in Special Needs.  We are now all eagerly awaiting the opportunities of 2010.

We are all looking forward to our first big event of the coming year 2010 – the visit of Michelle Garcia Winner in March.  Once again we are working with Nottingham University to make this happen and we are all looking forward to learning from her.  Although she has presented workshops in Singapore a number of times, this is her first time in Malaysia and we feel really fortunate that we have been able to make such a great learning opportunity available for parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists here in KL.

Check our blog for all the latest happenings in 2010. We would like to wish all our clients and friends a very Happy New Year full of successful learning opportunities.  Happiness is Learning Success.

Hilary, Farhan, Hannie, Larry, Chris, Paula, Esther, Lina, Tony.